Porsche Key Repair Service

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This is a new ignition key head upgrade service for virtually all 2005-2012 911/997/987 series Porsches.  Some of our customers have indicated they either don't have the time or the skills to do this upgrade themselves, even though we offer the conversion parts.  We now provide a complete service to replace a worn out Porsche key head with a new one.  You send us your key assembly, we do the work, and we ship the refurbished key assembly back to you. Typical turn around to ship back is 48 hours, unless the damage is so excessive we have to do more work.   This service is for 2 and 3 button Porsche key assemblies for 911/997/987 Carrera, Boxster Cayman model years 2005-2012.  Contact us if you have questions.    

Regarding processing, turnaround, shipping time-  In most cases, after receiving your donor key assembly, your new key assembly will ship back to you within 48 hours. 

We Replace Your Porsche 2 or 3 Button Key Head- Boxster Cayman 911 2005-2012- No Programming! NEW!

If the plastic portion of your Porsche Key is cracked, or broken, or there are buttons missing, we can replace it with a new assembly for you.  The new assembly is the newer version with the chrome metal key ring opening, and the recessed buttons (see the photos), so no worries about the old plastic key ring opening breaking, and you won't accidentally open your trunk (boot), or unlock your doors when the key is in your pocket, and you bump it. This key head is superior in strength, design, and appearance to the older silver colored ones.  To get a new smart key for your Porsche, or even to replace the cracked or broken plastic portion, you can't just go to a hardware store and have a duplicate made for $3. Smart keys have an imobilization device called a transponder that must be in the key head to start your car. If you have a broken key head, Porsche's solution is to sell you an entirely new key assembly, which includes the cost of the head and blank key blade, cutting the key blade and programming the remote unit, all together costing you $400 to $500! That's a lot to pay for a piece of plastic. Good news! You can have a new, fully functional, smart key that looks and works just like when your original smart key was new, or even better, for much less.

If you are relatively handy with using tools on a small assembly, and are comfortable doing the conversion yourself by removing the transponder in your old key, you can buy a new key head assembly from us in another listing and save some money. 

However, if you would like us to do the complete conversion for you, we can do that! 

Here's how it works:

1) It is assumed that you have a functional coin battery in the key head, that your existing key blade is still functional, that you are able to start your car, that you are able to lock and unlock the doors and open the trunk/s (boot/s) with what is remaining of the buttons. If not, there is probably more work to do, but not necessarily. If you have only one key, and you want a duplicate, you will also have to visit your Porsche dealer.

2) You pay in advance for the service (See below), and we will provide you with shipping instructions to us. 

3) Most Porsche owners have two keys, so we recommend that you only send us one key at a time. If you are in a hurry, use overnight service.   

4) If we are able to do the conversion, typically we will ship your key back to you within 48 hours.  If there is extensive work to do, it could take longer, or if we are unable to salvage your key assembly, we will advise you as quickly as possible. If we are unable to do the work, we will refund your purchase.        

We provide full support worldwide.   

A few words of caution: Many of the key heads being sold on eBay have the transponder installed. Don't be fooled into thinking that you can just transfer your key blade, and you can start your car. The problem with using the installed transponder is, the transponder has to be programmed to work with your car, and typically dealers will not do that. Some have suggested placing your old key with the transponder near the ignition switch, and using a new key without a transponder, but that defeats the immobilization feature.

Ordering the Key Conversion Service

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